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The Fall of Mankind - God's Redemption Story Begins

The Fall of Mankind: Was the Garden of Eden myth, fantasy, metaphor or history?We unfold the events of the Garden of Eden and examine what the Bible says about the Fall of Mankind and how it shaped the hearts and minds of all mankind for all generations.

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Bill I’ve learned so much from this session.The Fall was much more than a physical act. First God gave Adam & Eve everything and the tree in the middle of the garden offered nothing more than the other trees that bore fruit. They had authority over Satan. They were not in Gods presence all the time as Satan once was in heaven. God visited them in the garden to grow intimacy and relationship with them. We are like Adam & Eve in our relationship with God, in that we must daily choose trusting, believing, having faith in a loving God to grow in intimacy and relationship with Him.

Satan told the worst lie ever that began The Fall. Eve was…

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