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Donate and Support the Missionary work of the Payne Family and help keep the Truth Box message alive and reaching others.


The Payne Family

The Payne family has been involved in missions and ministry for 37 years.  Both Bill and Tinie have worn many hats and been in numerous leadership roles. They have lived on four different continents in multiple countries and dozens of places, while pursuing God’s call on their lives.

Tinie lived in India for almost seven years working as a nurse in missions, providing and teaching health care amongst the very poor. She has also been involved in training schools for mission candidates, as well as a host of other work.

For over 35 years, Bill has been teaching, mentoring, and advising churches and mission bases world wide. He has ministered in over 55 nations, speaking in training schools, Churches, seminars, conferences and leading and developing new training schools.  He worked on large international evangelism campaigns having directed two International Olympic Outreaches in Korea and Spain. He also oversaw a number of other international projects over the years.

Having lived in Europe for 11 years, Bill promoted and coordinated church planting and evangelism efforts throughout Europe. For three years, he was the Dean of the College of Christian Ministries in Kona, Hawaii and was International Assistant Dean for five years.

Presently, Bill and Tinie see themselves as multipliers of the multipliers, investing in young leaders, schools and churches wherever God opens a door of opportunity. We are just beginning to explore online opportunities to impact the Nations for Jesus.

Bill teaches on Biblical World View, The Character of God, The Truth Box, The Value of Self, The Kingdom of God, Biblical Leadership Principles, Discipleship, and the Cross as well as other Biblical topics.

The Payne family live by faith, the support and generous gifts from God’s people.  If you would like to partner long term with our missionary family or help with a gift of support, you can do so in a number of ways. You can send gifts and support from Canada or the U.S. directly through Youth With A Mission by following this link: 

Please direct donations via our account (Bill Payne) # PB03. 

You can also use the donate button at the bottom of this page.

Other ways you can support us:

  1. Pray for us.  Prayer is the most import commitment of all and we so need your prayers

  2. Check out and support the website, the truth box Facebook page and coming YouTube channel

  3. Spread the word, encourage others to listen, register, engage with us on, Facebook and YouTube.

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