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Spiritual Warfare Part 3 - Bill Payne- A TruthBox Production

In a world where the Enemy is already judged and the ultimate victory is absolutely certain, What is the nature of our warfare? Who is doing the fighting? Who is our enemy and most importantly; what is the end game? What does God want to accomplish through us? What is the ultimate objective - the very reason there is Spiritual Warfare?

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Hi Bill

Another good teaching one that I needed to hear. I’m having struggles with the separation of others opinions and their actions. I do try and pray for the Holy Spirit‘s help and guidance in these matters as well but I’m asking your opinion. It is an area that can be a foothold for the enemy. Creating division is from the enemy as the teaching stated. We are called to be in unity. How do you speak to or act when leadership speaks untruthfully to you? Should it be ok to allow only certain people to meet inperson while telling others (also a part of the group) to continue online. What should be done when misleading info or misinformati…

Replying to

What I believe the Father spoke to me after some prayer, and reading scripture a day later. Reading Job. The Father understands my hurt feelings. He doesn’t condone those who hurt either purposely or unintentionally through creating divisions. Only the Father knows their intentions, only the Father sees their heart. It’s not for me to judge either of these things in anyone. I later was told that the meeting was for those who could not do zoom. If that was completely true it was only for those without means to join in, then why ask Mark to attend in person? He can join in on zoom? He has just chosen not to. Sometimes we will see the division our enemy…

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