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Spiritual Warfare Part 2

We look at the battle that is still being waged in the Spiritual Realm and try to answer the question, why there is a battle at all? We...


This wonderful message was delivered at RidgeView Community Church On Jan 16 2022

Spiritual Warfare - An Introduction

The Bible tells us we are in a struggle or battle. But it also declares that the Victory is already won for us. We do not fight for...

Building the Kingdom of God

This Thursday on Truth Box, we will finish our discussion on the Balanced Christian life. In previous weeks we looked at "Being a Child"...

Why Christmas Really Matters

This was recorded at Ridgeview Community Church on the 5th December 2021. Thanks for watching and may God Bless You!

Belonging to the Body of Christ

Belonging to the Body of Christ. This week on Truth Box we will focus on importance of the Body Of Christ. What is it? Why it is and...

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